Disabled Ensuite Hire Gallery

Disabled Ensuite Hire Gallery | Used for bathroom renovations, extra guests, parties and lots more

The tide is turning and people are starting to hate the old porta-loo with it’s sewer holding tank under the seat. The smell!! Well needless to say it’s awful. The Luxury Sewer connected portable toilets are the way of the future. They have no holding tank smell as waste is mechanically treated and pumped straight to the sewer at the property. The older style portaloo’s with tanks underneath the seat can only be placed a few meters from the road so the truck that delivers them can easily crane the toilet back unto the truck. Our toilets can be placed on a trolley and wheeled around to the back of your property and set up as long there is adequate room to maneuver it around. See specifications and requirements on this product.

Disabled Ensuite Hire

Luxury Sewer Connected Porta loo. Set up by us, notice the pump behind the toilet.

Notice the LED internal lighting & push button control.

Notice the LED internal lighting & push button control.

Luxury Portaloo

Luxury Sewer Connected portaloo.

Disabled Ensuite Hire Bookings

Accessible Bathroom Hire Bookings are essential and can be made via our website. If you don’t have access to the internet we can mail the application form and terms of trade to you. Upon making your booking a Tax Invoice will be issued and is due for payment before the portable access bathroom is delivered.

More Information

For more information on our toilets and bathrooms, please call us on 0418 961 704 or email your enquiry to brad@mobilityaccessbathrooms.com.au.