Mobility Access Bathrooms Gallery

Mobility Access Bathrooms | Following is our gallery of our wheelchair accessible bathrooms including internal and external views.

Mobility Access Bathrooms have a lockable door that opens inwards and opening size is 900mm including grab rails throughout the bathroom. The sink and vanity are raised at 610mm off the floor so a wheelchair can slide underneath. The bathroom has a 4 meter long ramp that is attached directly to the bathroom by our fully qualified installers. The ramp is made of strong Aluminium and has a handrail on the left and right.

Gallery of our Wheelchair Accessible Bathrooms

Disabled Access Bathrooms

View at the inside of the bathroom from the 900mm wide opening door.

Side view of the Mobility Bathroom.

Wheelchair Accessible Bathrooms

View of the basin area from the shower.

Rear of the bathroom showing the ramp leading to the inward opening door.

Download: Mobility Accessible Bathrooms PDF

Bathrooms Bookings

Bookings are essential and can be made via our website. If you don’t have access to the internet we can mail the application for and terms of trade to you. Upon making your booking a Tax Invoice will be issued and is due for payment before the portable access bathroom is delivered.

More Information

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